Grandma to the rescue

February 10-16

I slept in almost every day this week. And I took naps. And I changed less stinky diapers and wet underwear. And had a few intelligent adult conversations. And I didn’t unload the dishwasher, do the laundry, or clean a single thing…. yet my house is clean, my clothes are folded, and all my dishes are put away. It was magical. Enjoyable. Fantastic.

It was my mom.

And now she’s gone and I’m facing the fact that I have to start cleaning again. And getting off my lazy butt to get Peter out of his crib in the morning. He’s always so happy to see me (italics=sarcasm). It’s been an adjustment. Saying goodbye is hard.

I miss you, Mom! We miss you. (that is not sarcasm)

Feb 14 (10)

Feb 14 (11) Feb 14 (12)

It was so awesome to have my mom here for Valentine’s Day. Mostly because I love to spend every day with her, but also because it is bliss going on a date and not having to worry about what your hired teenage babysitter is going to do to your kids, i.e. sit them in front of the TV for 3 hours, feed them a ridiculously large amount of raisins resulting in days of diarrhea, neglecting to take them to the bathroom before bed… you know, all those babysitting hazards. It happens and we survive, but needless to say, Grandma babysitting reduces a lot of stress. Maybe someday we’ll live hear a Grandma or two….. maybe.

Now more about that date. Dave and I are terrible planners. “Reservations” isn’t really a word in our vocabulary. So Dave scrambled to find something for us to do just a couple hours before we were supposed to go. But it turned out to be tons of fun! First we went to a theater that was showing the Oscar-nominated animated short films. Some of them were really good. Others were really bad. We both agreed that we like the funny ones the most.

Afterwards we went to Barnes and Noble, drank hot chocolate and tried to look high brow

Feb 14 (26)

or stalker-ish in my case

Feb 14 (27)

And then we went on a scavenger hunt. The categories included (in Oscar-inspired fashion)(this was Dave’s idea, of course): best cover, best title, best author name, best title to describe each family member, most acurate likeness of us, most likely to be a movie, most romantic, etc.

We didn’t end up getting through a lot of the categories because we kept getting distracted by books. Imagine that. The employees had to come tell us the store was closing in 10 minutes like twice.

Anyway, here’s what we came up with:

Best book to describe Oakley and Peter:

Feb 14 (49)

Best title to describe Oakley:

Feb 14 (48)

Best author name:

Feb 14 (42)

Best title to describe Peter:

Feb 14 (41)

Dave’s favorite:

Feb 14 (37)

Best cover (I actually ended up buying this journal because it made me laugh so much):

Feb 14 (34)

Best title:

Feb 14 (28)

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the romance section to find the most acurate likeness of us. So, this will for sure be a repeat date. I can’t wait!

Valentine’s Day was fun too. We surprised Dave with a heart attack at the bottom of the stairs and breakfast in bed.

Feb 14 (19)Feb 14 (22)

Oakley helped me make some special Valentine’s treats. They were fun, easy and cute. But very messy.

Feb 14 (8) Feb 14 (9)

Dave had a few surprises of his own…..

Feb 14 (15)

Earlier in the day Mom went out on a walk and on her way collected sticks and rocks and poky balls (not sure exactly what they’re called but that’s what we call them) to make a “heart tree” with the kids while we were out on our date. She is so creative. I love that about her.

Feb 14 (38)

And to make the day even more awesome, Aunt Lesly came down for dinner! In fact, she brought dinner. Complete with spiralized zucchini. It was delicious. The kids love Aunt Lesly. Especially when she comes with raspberries. 🙂

Feb 14 (43)

So, that was Valentine’s Day. Now for the rest of the week.

We took Grandma to the trampoline park on Tuesday. I wanted to jump soooo bad, but restrained myself (for the most part. Give me a break. How can you walk on a trampoline and not jump?). Nonetheless, it was a really fun time.

Feb 10 (3) Feb 10 (6) Feb 10 (7) Feb 10 (8)

We had dinner with the Katie, John Isaac and “baby Kaleb”. They are so fun to be with.

Feb 10 (10)

Oakley requested to “say goodnight” to Grandma every night. In other words, can you lay with me and tell me stories and tickle my back until I fall asleep? But it usually turned out that Grandma fell asleep before Oakley did. That girl can outlast any adult in this house.

Feb 11 (1)

an empty laundry basket calls Oakley’s name.

Feb 11 (2)

Beans in a swimming pool. The beans were my idea, the swimming pool, Dave’s. It’s a GREAT winter boredom buster if you’re looking for one.

Feb 11 (3)

And fort building

Feb 11 (10)

Sometimes Oakley and Peter seem to really like each other:

Feb 11 (6) Feb 11 (7)

Wasn’t as warm this week as it was last week, but we got outside some.

Feb 11 (15) Feb 11 (16)Feb 12 (5)

Oakley got a very special surprise in the mail from her Grandma Shaha. Nancy made one of these poodle skirts for all her granddaughters as a tribute to her mom, Great Grandma Williams, who made one for her when she was little, which she wore to bits. Oakley loves hers. And it looks especially good when she twirls in it. Thank you Nancy!

Feb 11 (18)

Music Makers. Peter’s got to be in the middle of everything.

Feb 12 (7)

Drawing with Grandma. I wish I had inherited an inkling of Mom’s artistic talent.

Feb 13 (3)

On Friday, we met up with Aunt Lesly at the Baltimore Aquarium. Oakley LOVED it. She was so excited about everything. All Peter wanted to do was go up and down the escalators.

Feb 13 (4)Feb 13 (15)

Feb 13 (6) Feb 13 (16)

We had lunch in a room with a beautiful sunny view of Inner Harbor.

Feb 13 (8)

Aside from the escalators, Peter was super into the scuba divers who were in the tanks feeding the sea creatures. It was so funny. When they’d swim away, he’d turn around and put his hands up like “where’d they go?” He could care less about the shark that just swam by. Silly kid.

Feb 13 (12)

Have you every seen a sea turtle? They are HUGE! I was so surprised. This one was missing one of his front fins.

Feb 13 (14)

mornings with Grandma.

Feb 14 (18)

This is my new favorite picture. I put it as the wallpaper on my phone I love it so much.  And that’s really sayin somethin.

Feb 13 (25)

goofy bubs

Feb 14 (2) Feb 14 (3) Feb 14 (4) Feb 14 (5)

Stink-eye bubs. This look shoots lasers. My mom told me that once you’ve seen this look from Peter, you don’t forget it. It’s even better with a blue chin. photo cred to Dave.

Feb 15 (2)

On Sunday, as part of my lesson, I had my class listen to “I Lived in Heaven” and draw what it made them think of. One of my students was so very kind to let me keep his drawing and I saved it because it makes me laugh. I love the depiction of the Holy Ghost. And the mustache.

I teach 14 and 15-year-olds, by the way. 🙂

Feb 15 (20)

The time came to say goodbye to Grandma and it was hard. But we made it through the tears with chocolate covered rice crispies and conversation hearts.

Feb 15 (11)

On Sunday evening our friend Riley came over for a semi-sleepover. (meaning she got picked up in the middle of the night).

Feb 15 (12) Feb 15 (7)

After I took this video, the kids started running around the house chasing Dave. He would hide and jump our from around a corner and scare them. One time he did it and Riley turned around to run away and ran smack into Oakley who was right behind her. Oakley literally bounced off of Riley and both walked away with impressive goose eggs. I so wish I had still been filming. Anyway, Oakley was balling and Riley was walking around like nothing happened. So Dr. Dave got them some ice and they looked so funny standing next to each other, holding the bags to their heads. When Dave got the camera out and said “smile!” Oakley immediately stopped crying, smiled, and then went back to crying right after the picture was taken. It was the funniest thing ever. Oh and Peter was still running around the house like “C’mon guys! Why’d ya stop?”

Feb 15 (9)

When we left them to their own devices in Oakley’s room, I was hoping Riley would maybe, possibly teach Oakley how to read or something. It was so funny to sit downstairs and listen to them talking and reading books to each other. When I went up, I found them arguing over the letters in the alphabet. Maybe one or two more sleepovers with Riley and Oakley will be ready for Kindergarten. 🙂

Feb 15 (13)

They finally zonked out around 10. And Riley left around 11.

Feb 15 (16)

Our favorite Monday morning activity is to watch the garbage man take our trash. That’s about as exciting as it got today.

Feb 16 (2)

Oh and winter storm “Octavia” is headed our way. It started this afternoon and is supposed to continue all night. I guess I’m glad mother nature can finally get this out of her system but I really do hate snow. So I hope it melts like tomorrow, preferably.

Feb 16 (6)

Feb 16 (12)

Post-surgery note: I did try to take it really easy this week (again, thank you mom!), hoping to speed up the recovery process. But really since about day three or four I’ve felt really good and the last couple days I feel back to normal. But I haven’t run or exercised at all since the surgery, so getting back in the habit is going to be a painful process…. and difficult with 8 inches of snow on the ground. But I am so grateful to be feeling so good 10 days out, physically and emotionally. Love from family and friends helped with that. Laparoscopic is the way to go!

Funny quotes and more videos:
2/10/15- I was reading “Moo, Baa, La La La” to Peter and at the end when I said “It’s quiet now, what do you say?” He let out a big man burp. Perfect timing.
2/11/15- Peter came into the bathroom while O was sitting on the can and she said, angrily: “Petah! Don’t tell me any something!” Oakley was singing and we heard her sing: “the drum takes a wife, the drum takes a wife, hi ho the derry-o, the drum takes a wife.”
2/12/15- In her prayer at breakfast, Oakley blessed grandma to “feel safe and be healthy.” Later at dinner she said: “bwess Peter and our nap to feel good.” Her prayers are becoming more articulate and sincere. It’s really sweet. Peter’s new favorite thing is to pretend to be a snake. He crawls around the house on all fours and makes a hissing sound.
2/14/15- As we were heading out on our date, Oakley said to Dave: “Be careful with mama, okay?”
2/15/15- We were talking about our time with Aunt Lesly last night and dessert came up, which was fruit and chocolate and Oakley said: “Those raspberries were reeeewee good with aunt weswee!” During sacrament meeting Oakley said to Dave “Dad! You don’t have any hair on your pants!” (In a congratulatory tone). Tonight Oakley and Riley collided heads while they were running around the house. Oakley was balling so Dave got them both some ice and got the camera to take a picture. When he said “smile!” Oakley immediately stopped crying, smiled, and then started crying again right after Dave took a picture.Ha!

4 responses

  1. Shea

    LOVE your scavenger hunt idea! We did a date to Barnes and Noble over Thanksgiving. It was awesome to just relax and wander…but the scavenger hunt would make it much more fun!

    February 17, 2015 at 7:42 AM

  2. Hayley

    Moms are the BEST! Man you guys are always having so much fun! And what a fun Valentines… We will totally have to snag that date idea! Very clever! I am so glad you are feeling so good post surgery. Keep taking it easy even though you are feeling good!! Oh and PS what car seat did you end of getting for Oakley? We need to either get Kate one or a new one for Millie!

    February 17, 2015 at 10:04 AM

  3. Wow! I didn’t realize how much we did last week, even though you were supposed to be resting. What fun memories! I’m so glad I could come. I love the sequence of pictures of Peter. And your look is very a. . .shall we say, seductive? Have fun in the snow. Thanks for posting, Wendy!

    February 17, 2015 at 12:26 PM

  4. Oh man, those book titles made me laugh! And who is Aunt Lesly?! She came out of nowhere! My mom stayed for ten days when James was born and I cried when she left… so hard. Why can’t we have a live-in grandma?

    February 20, 2015 at 4:18 AM

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