winter marches on

February 17-23

I have two words to describe this week: cold & snow. Everything was cancelled: school, church and anything school or church related. We really only got 4-5 inches but with the amount of traffic around here, that can and does cause some major havoc.

So, lets start with the snow.

Here’s our street:

Feb 17 (11)

getting ready to go out:

Feb 17 (6)

*Quick note: I took A LOT of videos this week. I was trying to capture funny things, every-day things, cool things, etc that I want to always remember and I probably over did it. But most of them are very short. Just so you know that I recognize that I have a problem. 🙂

Feb 17 (7)

Oakley’s first snow angel:

Feb 17 (14)

Feb 17 (15)

Tuesday was the first day of snow. We went out twice that day and both times I couldn’t get over how blue the sky was. I don’t know if it was the lack of clouds, the whiteness of the snow, or my lack of outside exposure over the weekend, but it was literally unbelievable. And there were bald eagles everywhere. We counted six in the sky at the same time. It was one of those moments that I hope my memory never fails me. Watch this video and you’ll get a glimpse of the sky and the eagles, although the camera (especially on my phone) does it no justice.

Our snowman “Samantha:”Feb 22 (12) Feb 22 (14)

I hope you can take a minute to notice the awesomeness that is Oakley’s snow suit. It makes me laugh so much. Like every time I look at her. When we’re getting ready to go out, she says: “Mom, I’m going to look so awesome!” My infectious joy with putting her in it has spread into her little psyche. I always laugh and I tell her it’s because she just looks too awesome. It’s almost like she’s wearing a fat suit because she looks 5x bigger in it. And she waddles when she walks. But it sure does the job!

On Saturday Dave and I had a date planned but that date quickly turned into a fiasco when we foolishly decided to drive in a blizzard only to find out that our planned activity was cancelled. So instead of finding something else to do we decided we’d better pick up the kids before the roads got any worse.

Feb 21 (4) Feb 21 (6)

A good decision made a little too late. Our friends who were babysitting the kids happen to live at the bottom of a huge hill. After picking up the kids and attempting to get back up the hill several times, I thought we might have to spend the night at their house. And I secretly promised myself that our next car purchase would involve 4-wheel drive.

Well on our second to last attempt, we had a small collision with another car, who was also trying to get up the hill. It was really scary; one of those slow motion moments you always hear people talking about. Thankfully no one was hurt. Our car suffered only minor damages to one of the headlights and the other guy’s car came away unscathed. That was definitely a tender mercy. While Dave was outside exchanging insurance information, I looked over to one of the houses nearby to see some guy, who was out shoveling, taking pictures of us with his phone. I’m sure it was the most exciting thing he’d seen all day. I wish I had taken a picture back! When we set out again, I said many silent little prayers of gratitude and pleaded for heavenly help to get us up the hill. We did and I don’t know if I’ve ever been more relieved than I was when we drove into our very own garage. Never again will we go on a date in the snow. Lesson learned.

Feb 21 (7)

Saturday night that snow turned to ice and we woke Sunday morning to a thick sheet of ice on everything.  Needless to say, we didn’t go to church that day.

Feb 22 (7)

And now for the cold. There was some of this (Thursday):

Feb 19 (2)

And a bit of this (Friday):

Feb 20 (1)

Record cold temps, according to the news people. And these happen to be the days I decided to go on my first post-surgery runs. But I honestly didn’t care how cold it was, I was ready to GO. And it felt good in a very painful sort of way.

Because it was so cold, we spend a lot of time inside.

Oakley really likes to take videos and pictures with my phone. It can really get out of hand. Most the time I find that she has filmed the floor, her foot, her knee, or the back of someone’s head. But sometimes she gets some good stuff.

Feb 17 (2)

Here’s a super short one of my pestering Peter with the camera:

She can also work-it in front of the camera, too. Even without music:

Feb 18 (2)Feb 17 (3) Feb 17 (4)

I am so grateful for story time! We are regulars. It’s the one place we go consistently every single week.

Oakley is the perfect age. Peter is the perfect age for wrecking havoc on the library. And I am the perfect age for chasing him around for half an hour replacing all the books he rips off the shelves. It’s a fun time. The turnout this week was really low thanks to school being cancelled. Normally it is packed.

Feb 18 (5)

Speaking of books, I finished book #2 this week. It pains me to say that I was very sadly disappointed. I don’t want to go into all the details of why I didn’t like it because maybe someone out there did. I think my expectations were too high? Anyhow, now I can mark it off my list and gladly return it to the library.

Feb 18 (4)

Thursday was a really wierd day. Oakley slept in til 8:15. When has this ever happened? Like never. So, that was the first wierd thing. When she finally did wake up she was acting strange and lethargic and kept wanting to lay down. I kept checking her temp and asking her if she needed to throw up, but she never showed any symptoms of being sick.

Feb 19 (1)

So around 9:30 I was getting Peter dressed and she totally zonked out on the guest bed. And slept for TWO HOURS!

Feb 19 (3)

Which is even more impressive when you consider that we hosted Music Makers that day, which means that all these little peanuts were running around our house. And not quietly, mind you. Oakley is in this pic because she woke up just in time for snacks. She seemed to be feeling fine at this point and I figured she was done with being sick or feeling tired or whatever it was.

Feb 19 (6)

….. until we get to the commissary that afternoon and I turn around to find her asleep in her carseat! What is going on with this girl? She never did get sick. And this sleepiness only lasted a day. A friend suggested a growth spurt….. and before she mentioned that I had thought that Oakley did look taller….. weird. I’ll probably never know.

Feb 19 (10)

Awake and bugging hugging her brother:

Feb 19 (12)

Peter found the container of blueberries in the fridge and made quick work:Feb 20 (1)

On Friday we had nothing else to do so we went to the hospital to torture Peter. I mean…. get his vaccinations. He made some friends in the waiting area, like he does everywhere he goes. He sure is good at fooling people into thinking he’s a real sweet, friendly little guy.

Feb 20 (4)

The only cool thing about going to the hospital is that Dave works there and sometimes he can meet up with us. If he hadn’t have been there, I wouldn’t have been documenting this torture session. I would have been the one pinning the poor kid. Oakley insisted on sitting on the table with Peter.

Feb 20 (7)

so, so sad.

Feb 20 (9)

Something funny about Peter is that he does not like to be comforted. He gets over things really quick but initially he’s just angry and the last thing he wants is a shoulder to cry on. His most common outlet is pulling, or rather ripping, books off of bookshelves. It cracks me up. Sometimes I just want to hold him and cuddle with him  and comfort him when he gets hurt. But that’s not his cup of tea. So much for a mama’s boy! He is definitely not that.

The kids love seeing Dave:

Feb 20 (10)

And watching him shave. Ha! Very entertaining. Feb 21 (1)

Dave gets a gold star for making dinner on Sunday. This is actually the omelet I made for breakfast……. but later that day Dave made this rice/bean/chicken casserole that was really yummy. Even Oakley ate some.

Feb 22 (25)

And the perfect picture to end this post. Feb 23 (2)

Funny quotes/notes from the week and more videos:

2/17/15- A few times recently Oakley has said: “Mom, I’n so proud of you for being happy!” And then something like “don’t be mad ever again, okay?” She’s good at reminding me to be happy. I certainly need it.
2/18/15- A couple weeks ago I was reading Old Testament stories to Oakley and going over the different pronunciations of EliJAH and EliSHA. Now she says them all the time, at random times, making sure to emphasize the last syllables. Today for the first time EVER, Oakley told me she was tired around noon so I told her to go lay in her bed. She did and fell asleep for two hours! ALL BY HERSELF. That really has never happened before.
2/19/15- Oakley likes to come with me when I put Peter down for a nap or down for bed. Her job is to shut the door and as she’s doing it she says things like, “Peter just one nap, okay?” Or “after you wake up we can pway togeder!” and “close your eyes, okay?” Always in a very motherly tone.
2/20/15- Peter does NOT like to be comforted. He gets angry when he gets hurt.
2/22/15- Peter are almost a whole can of olives today.
2/23/15- Oakley sometimes gets her senses mixed up. Like today she walked into the bathroom and said: “I hear something that smells good!” And all the time when she tastes something she doesn’t like she says: “That doesn’t feel good.”

6 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing. Your stories always remind me I am the only one alone with 2 kids everyday, Dylan always tells me he’s proud of me for putting on my shoes or drinking water…these kids are too funny!

    February 24, 2015 at 12:57 AM

  2. Rachel

    So I’m curious. What new camera did you get and how is it going learning how to use it? I really want to be better at taking pictures but it’s not easy for me. We got a mirrorless camera last fall and I have enjoyed it but I think my problem is that I am far too lazy to edit any photos. What I take is what I get. Anyway, just wondering how it was going for you. Loved the post, as usual. That weather looks awful though. Can’t say that I’m missing winter at all. We went to a splash pad today. 🙂

    February 24, 2015 at 4:52 AM

  3. Thanks for your awesome post, Wendy! It’s the next best thing to being there. Peter is getting really good at sign language.

    February 24, 2015 at 12:30 PM

  4. Hayley

    Loved the post as usual. Although by the time I get down to commenting I have way to many things I want to comment on. Sorry about the snow…although true be told it doesn’t look like much snow….but then again I was made for the snow. Iowan are babies! Maybe Virginians are too. Although it does sound like it got back as you were trying to go get your kiddos. Glad everyone was okay. Your photography is looking awesome by the way! ANd I love how you document your everyday so well. Sure love you!

    February 24, 2015 at 8:28 PM

  5. Camber Hess

    I love that that guy just stood there and took pictures after you’d had a collision! People are so funny! And Oakley’s snowsuit really is TOO awesome.

    February 25, 2015 at 2:27 PM

  6. Shelly

    Porter had a few weird days of being really lethargic and sleepy all the time too. No fever or throwing up either. So strange. And I love reading your blog. 🙂

    March 9, 2015 at 2:36 PM

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